Morning Messages (Page 49)

The Word of the Cross

The battle for the souls of men rages all around us – are you prepared to engage in that battle and emerge victorious?  In Luke Wilson’s message today he discusses some of the vitally important weapons we have at our disposal.

The Gospel and Immersion

What does the scripture say about baptism and salvation? Is baptism part of salvation or is it only an outward sign?  This message by Luke Wilson explores the scriptural explanation and exposes the false teaching on the subject.

Russel Harlson – This Very Night…

“This vey night…” Luke 12:20.  Russell “Russ” Harlson, our beloved brother in Christ, was killed in motorcycle accident in Billings, MT, October 16, 2010. Russ was immersed into Christ on a cold night in December of 2009 and was working ha

Search and Rescue

Listen in on a message about the Christian’s role as the Search and Rescue team of this world. Taken from Jerod’s experience in New Zealand in which he was, for a short time, physically lost and in need of rescue.