The Lord's Second Coming

This Bible study is the sixth in a series designed to teach you the basics of the New Testament. It is our prayer that it will fit into its proper place and accomplish its purpose. The conclusions reached in this study are as follows: 1. Jesus is coming soon; 2. He is coming in the clouds and every eye shall see Him; 3. No one knows the day or the hour of His coming; He will come like a thief in the night; 4. At His coming all the dead (good and bad) shall rise; 5. The present heaven and earth will be destroyed by fire at His coming; 6. The judgment will begin at His coming. We also examined pre-millennialism (which presently is the commonly accepted system of thought concerning the Lord’s return) and compared its teachings to the Bible. We reached the following conclusion: Pre-millennialism is based on a false method of interpreting the Bible. The covenant which God made with Abraham was the Christian covenant. The temple prophesied in the Old Testament was the church of Christ. Christians have already experienced the first resurrection in Christian immersion, and are reigning with Christ in the 1000 years (which merely means a long period of time). When Jesus comes again, it will be to judge the world, not to establish His kingdom. And Jesus’ second coming motivates the Christian to be alert, ready and anxious for the Lord’s surprise return.